Koval Electrical Contractors was started in 1987 as a sole proprietorship.

Mc Donalds Saratoga

Mc Donalds Saratoga

In 2009 owner, Tom Koval, purchased the assets of McCall Electric and formed Koval Contracting LLC.

Today, Koval Contracting is a fully insured licensed Master electrical company that is enrolled with the NYS apprenticeship program, to help foster a skilled, well trained workforce.

Koval Contracting, LLC is also a registered Federal contractor and National Grid service partner.

Specialty services provided:

  • Large Bucket Truck service
  • Energy Efficiency upgrades
  • Small to large generators installed
  • Rapid emergency repair deployment,with a large inventory of materials for off hour repairs

Koval Electrical Contractors is competitively priced due to our focus on details, material purchasing volume, and controlled labor costs